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John Noble paradise

A tumblr devoted to the Actor John Noble. Containing Random GIFs, pics, thoughts and drawings. Header by Matsutakedo
Dec 20 '13

Henry Parrish | 1x10

Dec 15 '13

John Noble in “Fracture”

Dec 13 '13

SH Characters | 1.10 | Henry Parrish

Dec 1 '13

I am so upset about what The Good Wife writers have done to Matthew Ashbaugh that I can’t even say anything about it.

I used to ship Alicia/unrequited Matthew but now, it’s crap.

Thank you, The Good Wife for sinking yet another ship

Nov 25 '13
Nov 25 '13

Promo for “The Golem”

I’m so excited!

Nov 25 '13


Promo pics for episode 10 “The Golem.”

And EXCUSE ME, but isn’t that a mistletoe?!?!

oh and hello again John Noble!


Nov 21 '13

*sighs* some rants and spoilers for Matthew Ashbaugh/The good wife under the cut

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Nov 21 '13
Nov 21 '13